Our Story

Julex Capital Management, LLC (Julex), founded in 2012, is a SEC-registered investment management firm dedicated to creating innovative solutions in the areas of tactical asset allocation, downside risk management and quantitative investing. Julex is managed by industry veterans with strong academic and industry experiences in portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management and quantitative research across asset management, hedge fund and insurance industries.

Julex offers a variety of tactical/risk-managed total return strategies that are designed to deliver consistent returns with low volatility and drawdowns in both bull and bear markets. In addition, Julex provides quantitative equity strategies aiming to deliver significant excess returns with concentrated portfolios.

Julex believes that traditional benchmark-centric investment approach and other alternative investment strategies do not provide adequate downside protection to investors’ portfolios, as evidenced during the financial crisis of 2008. By actively managing the downside risks through Julex’s strategies, investors can not only fully enjoy the upside potentials the markets offer, but also avoid the painful losses that destroy wealth and confidence during market downturns.

Julex also believes most of the quantitative factor-based products have the shortcoming of low expected excess returns, which are correlated to the risk factors such as size, value or momentum. By applying a multi-factor approach to a concentrated portfolio, Julex’s strategies have the potential to deliver significant uncorrelated excess return in a repeatable, consistent and cost-effective way.

Julex operates as an investment manager as well as a research provider. In addition to our standard product offerings, we build strong partnerships with our clients to deliver customized solutions for institutions, advisers and individuals. Julex is an independent, employee-owned firm which offers conflict-free strategies and solutions to serve the best interests of our clients.